Sysma : Fusing Fundamentals with Industry 4.0 Technology

The future of integrated asset management and maintenance. At Sysma, we blend the foundational principles of operational excellence with the pioneering spirit of Industry 4.0. Our solutions, embedded with advanced analytics and AI, are tailored to empower your business in real-time, anywhere.

Experience the seamless synergy of tradition and innovation with Sysma, and unlock the potential of your operations.

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Crafted for Fire Safety, Security Automation Verticals


Crafted for Dairy Industry


Crafted for Pharmaceutical Industry


Crafted for Manufacturing Industry


Crafted for Railways & Metros


Crafted for Government Authorities

What SYSMA can do for you?

We strive to make Maintenance and Operations EASY

Assets Lifecycle Management, Preventive & Corrective Maintenance, Automated Monitoring & Digital Inspection are Designed to your needs.


Data-Driven Clarity

Sysma streamlines your asset management, converting data into actionable quality insights, enhancing operational decision-making.


Strategic Cost Savings

Preventive maintenance with Sysma strategically extends asset lifespans and reduces expenditure, optimizing financial resources.


Productivity Unleashed

Sysma clarifies directives for staff, leading to heightened efficiency and tangible productivity improvements.


Instant Operational Insight

With Sysma, focus shifts to what needs action, not just what's completed, for proactive operational management.


Enterprise-Grade Workflow & KPIs

Sysma's customizable workflows and KPIs enable smart, adaptable operations aligned with your business objectives.


AI-Powered Operations

Sysma leverages AI to transform complex data into intuitive support for ground staff, simplifying operations.

What SYSMA can do for you?

We strive to make your Quotations, Inventories, Installations & Service Calls EASY

Deliver professional Quotations to your clients and Work Orders to suppliers digitally. Get real-time visibility of your stock and alerts on delayed delivery. Allocate installation & service call jobs to your engineers and monitor its execution remotely. Get notified on any delayed job and take corrective action. Provide digital Service Report and get digital signature for approval. Manage & Monitor maintenance Contracts and enable service request digitally.


Digital Quotations & Service Reports

Faster quotations result in shorter sales cycles. Create, approve, and send quotations directly from your phone.


Inventory Visibility

Your engineers or sales reps can have Inventory visibility without having to call back-office.


Project Monitoring

Create project milestones and checklists on the fly and gain real-time visibility into the status of all projects.


Alerts & Notifications

Project Delays, Contract Renewals, SLA Failures, Quotation Approval, and a variety of other call to action items.


Day Planner for Engineers

Using a route map, you can optimise your engineers' field visits. Visibility of Wait Time, Work Time, Travel Time, and Over Time.


Digital Signature & Service Reports

Send professional service reports to your customers and collect digital signatures upon completion of services.

How Sysma Works ?

work-iconWork Order Management

Zero Paperwork

Get over the hassle of paperwork. Easily create, complete, and optimize work orders and work requests. Analyze the work done and especially incomplete work with detailed reports.

Work order management is 80% faster with Sysma


SYSMA integrates with your existing ERP’s and software via numerous connectors that we have developed




24*7 Mobile Access Monitor your Connected & Non-Connected Fire Safety Asset Status right on your mobile.


Real Time Reporting Get the latest and most accurate report instead of month old report.


Audit Readiness Confidently go for audit anytime, no need to re-verity the asset statuses or locations.


Vendor SLA Score Make data driven decisions instead of perceptual decisions. We quantify the Vendor Performance in seamless manner.


Paperless No more paper sheets or logbooks, get data directly from the ground to your dashboard.


Lesser Breakdown Improve Preventive Maintenance, decrease costly breakdowns. Let Sysma Zafetech monitor it for you.


Increased efficiency of Employees Eradicate Redundant processes and let your team focus on productive activities.


Digital Transformation of EHS assets and activities Often missed out EHS department can go digital in cost effective manner with Sysma Zafetch.


Equipment Location Map Locate your equipment on map with ease.

Calculate Return of Investment for your organization

ROI Report designed for Enterprise Budgetary Approvals

The Work Flow

Crafted for the flexible, Process Aligned & Stable Work Flow

After studying the practical problems faced by the industry, we have developed a simple yet powerful workflow of PLAN - EXECUTE - IMPROVISE which fits all the stakeholders.

Job Source Workflow

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